Fast & Simple Meal Ideas for People on the Move

Written & Submitted By the Miami Moving Guide Sometimes it seems that there’s just not enough time in a day to sit down and have a decent meal. But, whether you’re moving your home or just constantly in motion because of your business, you’ll still need nutrition. And not just nutrition of any kind! You’ll […]

One Year Post-Graduation Reflection & Inspiration

About a year ago, my time at UConn was about to be over like poof! I was nervous for graduation, stressed over what career to pursue post-college, and distraught to leave a community of educated, driven and innovative friends, students and professors. For three years, I worked tirelessly to learn the basic physiology of how […]

Lactose Intolerance – Could You Be Suffering?

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), 65% of the worlds population is moderately lactose intolerant. In the U.S. alone over 30 million people suffer from this frustrating disorder and in many cases (like mine) lactose intolerance goes undiagnosed. The prevalence of lactose intolerance is strongly associated with genetics and ethnicity. For example, most folks of eastern Asian descent […]

A Health-ier Strawberry Shortcake (featuring spelt and millet biscuits)

The trade off is, nuttier and heartier flavors, increased fiber content, increased protein content, increased vitamin and mineral content, NO carb/sugar crash (because whole-grains are lower glycemic), and you feel more satiated faster, which means you won’t feel the urge to go back for seconds and consume even more calories! So basically it’s a win-win, and everyone that tried these little babies absolutely loved them. They even appreciated the dynamic flavor each component brought to the dish, without missing the sweetness overload most strawberry shortcakes possess. And who needs all that extra sugar when you can drown your biscuit in fresh strawberries bursting with natural sweetness? Cheers to strawberry season – get pickin’!  

Probiotics Use in Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Introduction Irritable bowel syndrome or IBS is a multi-faceted gastrointestinal complication becoming increasingly prevalent in children and adults. IBS is an issue estimated to affect 10-15% of the global population (1). Furthermore, 20-40% of all gastrointestinal related doctor’s visits are due to IBS (1). Sufferers of this unpredictable and occasionally debilitating disorder are commonly given […]

Sugar: As Addictive as Drugs?

Introduction Sugar – a diverse, versatile and pleasurable substance. A recent New York Times article published in September 2016, revealed the dark truth about the sugar industries role in shaping dietary guidelines in the 1990s, by down-playing sugar’s role in obesity and disease and forcing the blame onto fat (1). By the late ‘90s, just […]

Healthy and Easy Chocolate Pudding

I was craving chocolate pudding today when I got home. Most folks either make chocolate pudding from scratch with a lot of milk, egg yolks, and sugar. Or we buy a small box of cook and serve chocolate pudding which also has quite a bit of sugar. On top of all this, sitting there and […]

Simplifying Nutrition

It’s interesting yet unfortunate how confused the average American is about nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle. Being “healthy” has become this sort of fad that you either go all into or completely resent because, well, nutrition is too darn confusing! I blame most of this disparity on the media and the way they represent […]