Cooking & Baking Classes

Cooking & Baking classes make great outings for families, friends, girls-nights, bachelor/bachelorette parties, team-building, children, etc. Add in some wine & cocktails for a promising night of cooking fun!

Please contact me directly to discuss cooking/baking class inquiries. Rates will vary depending on the number of attendees & what we decide to cook! Find a recipe or two and let’s get cooking in the kitchen together. You may find some inspiration from the ideas below…

Cooking Class Ideas:

Learn how to cook Indian Curries
Learn how to cook Nepalese food (Momos, Dhal, Thukpa)
Learn how to cook Pizza from Scratch
Learn how to cook Greek Falafel’s and all the fixins’s
Learn how to cook Italian Classics such as (Chicken Piccatta, Bruschetta Bolognese, Chicken Marsala, Meatballs, etc.)
Learn how to cook Pasta &/or Pasta Sauce
Learn how to cook Soups, Bone Broth, Herbal Stocks, etc.
Learn how to make Cold Soups
Learn how to cook with Gluten-Free Grain
Learn how to brew Kombucha
Learn how to make Healthy Sauces

Baking Class Ideas:

Learn how to bake Bread
Learn how to bake Bagels
Learn how to bake Cookies
Learn how to bake Pies
Learn how to bake Cinnamon Buns
Learn how to bake Cakes
Learn how to bake Biscuits &/or Strawberry Shortcake
Learn how to bake Healthier Baked Goods/Desserts
Learn how to bake Quick Breads &/or Muffins (banana bread, zucchini bread, cornbread, pumpkin bread, etc.)