The Importance of the Title: My first post!

Hello everyone! Today I had the bright idea to create a blog of my own, something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now. So with Thanksgiving break ahead of me and some free time to sit down and forget about school work for a week or so, here I am and here goes my first post. Enjoy!

The idea “The Holistic Trick” came to me in mere minutes after deciding to create this blog in the first place. Collectively “The Holistic Trick” basically means tricks to living a holistic lifestyle. Quirky aye? And foreshadowing this basic meaning also comes another meaning which refers to me, Trick. I’m the Holistic Trick. (You’ll figure out this Trick thing as you continue reading.)

Now for the meat of it – the Holistic refers to a lifestyle concept I’ve unknowingly adopted within the past couple years. Now, many people construe the word “Holistic” as something involving alternative medicine. I thought this way about the term as well until a woman who seems to strike my inspiration bones conversation after conversation I have with her, explained it to me in a more clear simple light.

To start here is the Merriam Webster Dictionary definition of Holistic:


adjective hō-ˈlis-tik

: relating to or concerned with complete systems rather than with individual parts

With hopes of interpreting this concept to you as well as that wise woman I mentioned above had done for me… here it goes:

Holistic means seeing the whole picture of; your life, your happiness, your diet, your wellness, your passions, your goals, your lifestyle, and your  beliefs. It is not some crazy woohoo concept many think it to be, it is good, it is pure, it is what you make it out to be. It is taking bits and pieces from all facets of life and putting them together to make YOUR life and YOUR happiness. Get it? Whole-istic –> Hol-istic

Now the “Trick” part just seems quirckily fitting, but to me it is much more than the missing piece to the title of this blog. The name Trick was given to me by a man who is also a great inspiration in my life. I met him during the summer of 2014, this pas10433076_760685663951638_8552447957123430969_nt summer actually, on a Colorado Dude Ranch. Yes, this small town New England girl switched hats for a summer (actually two) to live out my short term dreams of being a Wrangler out west. And yes, there I am riding my favorite horse Cisco, a little guy we traded for a widowed draft we had hanging around; which was the best darn trade I have ever been a part of!

Anyways, back to the Trick story.. There was an older couple whom I worked with and grew to love very much that summer. They were the definition of horsemen, and that man I mentioned above was the closest thing to a real horse whisperer as I had ever met in real life. The interesting thing though, he wasn’t only an expert with horses but he could read pretty much anyone like a book, its like he could see right through them, or tap into their souls or something. It was eerie to me at first, and I was uneasy about trusting him in any way shape or form. Now, just to add this quick fact about myself.. I usually have an oddly accurate intuition about people.

The first few days I was very quiet around him, trying to observe him and understand just what his deal was. Just to paint you a quick picture of this man, his face was about as stiff as a board, his whole self just seemed compact or tight or something that seemed unusual for being a man in his 60’s or so. His personality was about as dry as the hot dusty air in Colorado. He was pretty quiet except when he was telling a story or saying something important. And he had this stare about him that you would swear he could see right through you. I quite honestly thought he was a ghost, and if it weren’t for his humorous, personable, and refreshing wife I may have never given him the benefit of the doubt.

I remember the first time we all collectively went on our first trail ride with actual guests. I had been a wrangler the summer before in Jackson, Wyoming so I knew just how to make good conversation with guests. Or maybe they just knew how to make good conversation with me? Or maybe I was pretending to pose as a friendly Westerner instead of my actual antisocial stuck up New Englandy self? (That was a joke.. kind of. I can be cordial when I feel like it.) Anyways! The point is when we got back to the ranch the old cowboy said in his low stiff voice while chewing on a toothpick, “I’m gonna name you Trick, or Trickster, or better yet Trick Jackson.” (He had given the rest of the workers there “handle names” which were the nicknames we used on our radio system) I chuckled with some confusion and asked, why Trick? He said “Well, you tricked me.” At this moment I almost felt triumphed. He continued, “I could have sworn you were some stuck up introverted New England chick, yet you wouldn’t stop talking and smiling out there on that trail ride. You tricked me!” And then he chuckled a bit, I think at the idea that a 20 year old Yankee chick had actually fooled his own learned intuition.

Ever since then it stuck, I was Trick through and through. And the more I pondered it, the name “Trick” was actually very fitting for me. My whole life I’ve been one to jump from place to place, idea to idea, dream to dream. Its hard for me to focus on one thing without soon focusing on something else. My whole life I was constantly tricking myself and my ideals. It brought to me new knowledge and a new recognition that I literally had no idea what I wanted out of life. I was a two year Baking and Pastry Arts school graduate, with no intentions of ever involving myself in the pastry world any longer. Although, I was all ready to continue my education at The University Of Connecticut pursuing a degree in Dietetics. But was that what I really wanted? And there I was spending the summer on some small poorly ran dude ranch in Colorado working 80 hours a week for about a $1 an hour. I felt about as lost as I ever had, being vulnerable to any direction or path that was put in front of me.

But there has always been something that pulls me to the surface after being exhausted from the choppy waves of ideas. As I reach for the surface and gasp for fresh air passion pulls me closer to shore. The shore meaning the finish line or in other words, reaching a happy holistic life. People keep telling me; its not about how or when you get there, just so you get there..

“If you feel like there’s something out there that you’re supposed to be doing, if you have a passion for it, then stop wishing and just do it.”

1391713184kco8p-Wanda Sykes

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