Pantry Boot Camp

Refresh – Refocus – Learn 

How it works:

We’ll do a brief assessment to go over why Pantry Boot Camp was called to order in your kitchen! Haley will ask some questions regarding issues you may be having with food, diet, cooking & wellness. She will teach you how to correctly read, understand and apply food labels to your everyday life and grocery shopping trips. She’ll even give you some inside pointers on how to score affordable prices on pricier food items. Nasty food lives will be lost, but don’t worry we’ll replace them with healthier options! Let your pantry, fridge, and freezer know I’m coming for them in this fun, interactive, and down-to-earth Pantry Boot Camp! 

You’ll get all this:
  • Brief initial assessment to find the holes in your relationship with food
  • Guidance replacing the crap with healthier options
  • Help writing a shopping list and where to score awesome deals on pricier pantry items
  • Pin-pointing foods that may be causing digestive discomfort
  • Healthy snack ideas
  • Educational handouts
  • Refocus on healthy eating by totally refreshing your kitchen
  • Learn to read, understand, and apply valuable information found on food labels
  • Learn why you may be suffering from digestive issues
  • Learn how to turn your kitchen into a wellness powerhouse
Add on to Weekly Meals: $100
Flat Rate: $150