Our Inspiration

“Dietary factors are linked to four of the ten leading causes of death in the United States: coronary heart disease, certain types of cancer, stroke, and type 2 diabetes.” (1)

We humans have a few problems here on planet earth. One problem is lack of time. The overworked business professionals who has one, two, three, four or heaven forbid more children. To work a 40-50-hour stress-ridden work week, keep a clean house, pay the bills, save for retirement, do something fun on the weekends, work-out, grocery shop, plan and cook a dinner every night, pray the dinner is nutritious and tasty, and clean-up everything after the fact – it’s no wonder time is an issue. The symptoms of this lack of time, become poor dietary lifestyles. The symptoms become, early-onset disease.

The second problem is a lack of knowledge. Knowledge of good food, how to cook it, and why that matters so much. 28% or almost one third of the U.S. population say they don’t know how to cook. (2) So, if time was a non-issue and one third of the U.S. population had a healthful recipe and all the bountiful ingredients to cook that recipe right in their kitchen, they wouldn’t know where to start. Further, 50% of them wouldn’t even want to start. That’s right, 50% of Americans say they hate to cook. (3) The lack of knowledge and willpower doesn’t stop at cooking. But what to cook? For example, someone becomes newly diagnosed with celiac disease and must avoid all gluten; an ingredient in virtually all conventional food products. What are they to do once the clinical handout doesn’t answer their question?

The last and most diverse problem that affects each and every one of us regardless of time constraints, knowledge, ethnicity, or social class – your relationship with food. Even food experts struggle with this one. Because relationships are on-going, they take work. They aren’t black and white, they’re ever-changing. Your relationship with food is a holistic yet invisible entity that only you have the power to control. It’s a journey involving mindfulness, understanding, knowledge (of course), and balance. We’re here to make this whole process simple & delicious! We’re here to help you fall in love with food!

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