Love From Where I’m From

It’s taken me years to become exactly who I am today, in this very moment. Continuous growth and self-development is something we should dedicate ourselves to each and every day. With that said, I don’t know where I’d be without the people, places, & experiences that’ve helped get me there.

Thank you for positively impacting my journey. 

Marci & the late George Dickerson I’m not sure The Holistic Trick would have been born if it weren’t for the beloved nickname the late George Dickerson gave me, “Trick.” Who knew that nickname would hold so much meaning. Those few months spent on a run-down dude ranch in Colorado bring back so many memories. Meeting a couple built upon so much wisdom, love, and spirit is something very rare to find. George, I wish you were still blessing this earth with all your cowboy wisdom – you are greatly missed my old friend. Marci, you will always hold a special place in my heart – you know where I roam. Even thousands of miles apart, our hearts beat together as as one. I love you so much.

Dad & Ellen – The two entrepreneurs who came over my house to help write my resignation letter to my corporate job – thank you. Thank you for being an example of what I could be and always believing in who I wanted to be. For giving me real life guidance and making me realize the world is truly my playground. Dad, thank you for doing a kick ass job designing my site. I can’t thank you enough for all the hours you spent on making it look beautiful. You’re an amazing web designer, it’s pretty unbelievable that you’re self-taught. Ellen, thank you for just being you. A beautiful spirit who makes the world a more peaceful and bearable place. Thank you for all your unconditional love, understanding, guidance, and inspiration. You truly have impacted my life in a beautiful way.
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Mom – To the hardest working and most caring person I know, thank you for always being an awesome Mom. It wasn’t easy watching you struggle as a single Mom just trying to make ends meet, but you did it. And I think you raised a pretty awesome daughter, if I do say so myself. Thank you for always being the devils advocate in my life, for worrying about me even in times you didn’t have to. I know it was all out of love, and will continue to be all out of love, because your worry wart days have not come to an end yet! I’m still ready to replace your blonde hairs with gray ones – haha. You and Dad being polar opposites, has enabled me to find my own balance and understand where I really stand as a person – so thank you both for being so different. Thank you for “always telling me like it is” because sometimes we all need that brutal honesty. I love you so much and want to thank you for all the sacrifices you made to give me a better life – you have done just that, I hope you know that.

Nana & Pittin – I know you both would do anything in the world for me. And I can’t thank you enough for everything you have and continue to do to make my life a better one. All my childhood memories consist of cooking or baking something in Nana’s kitchen and learning to build something in Pittin’s workshop. Thank you both for sparking my interest in “using my hands” from a young age and teaching me skills that will benefit me for years to come. You’ve both given me a huge leg-up in this life, one most are not fortunate to receive. I hope you know nothing has been taken for granted. I will continue your hard-working legacy for the rest of my days. Thank you x a million – love you both.

Kyle – Thank you for all the love, weirdness, advice, criticisms, giggles, and support you’ve given me and continue to give me. You’re an amazing chef, I know you’ll go very far with your career. I’m so proud of how far you’ve already come and how hard you work everyday.
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United States Personal Chef Association (USPCA) – I’m so happy to be affiliated with this wonderful association. Completing their Preparatory Program gave me a huge leg-up within the profession of personal cheffing. The many professionals I’ve come into contact with through this affiliation has helped me so much along the way. Thank you USPCA! 

My family from Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts & Ohio – Thank you all for being so supportive in all my endeavors. I love you all and am so thankful to have you in my life.

Ellen Metzger – My nutrition career mentor all along the way. I’m so happy we were introduced at The Parkade Health Shoppe back a few years ago. You’re not only an amazing woman but an amazing Integrative & Functional Medicine Practitioner. I absolutely love talking with you, we are so on the same page all the time with food, nutrition, and food policy. I can’t thank you enough for all your years of support and cheering me on.
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All my amazing Professors at the University of Connecticut – To the school that I dreamt of going to as a child, thank you for everything. To say my education at UConn was easy would be a complete understatement. The professors make you work for you degree, they challenge you, they push you almost to your breaking point, and they expect you to just, not break. I’m proud to say, I came close to my breaking point plenty of times but I chose to keep on keeping on, and it only made me stronger. Thank you to all my nutrition professors for being completely awesome. Special shout-out to Michael Comperatore, MS for always maintaining our friendship, giving me an ear when I needed someone to listen, and giving me guidance in my nutrition career – you’re a wonderful guy! Another special shout-out to Nancy Rodriguez, PhD, RD, FACSM for being  a total rock star in your field and embracing a holistic education style that simply worked for my brain – I learned so much from you! Last special shout-out goes to Richard Mancini, PhD for recommending me to the Jarvis Products Corp. Scholarship for Academic Excellence in Meat Science and for being awesome in your field of food science – I learned so much from you! Also, that time you bought our class two full beef tenderloins, had us clean them, cut them, and cook them was pretty freakin’ badass – thank you, thank you! GO HUSKIES!
Affiliate/Alumni School: The University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT

All my Chef’s and Professors at the culinary renowned Johnson & Wales University – The education I received at JWU, Providence was beyond amazing. The Baking & Pastry program taught me more than just how to bake, it taught me the science, the philosophy, and the history of the art. All my professors were state of the art professionals who worked in the food industry for years, and know their stuff. I would recommend JWU to anyone who has a passion for food & cooking and wants to pursue this career path.
Affiliate/Alumni School: Johnson & Wales University, Providence, RI

All the wonderful Professors and People at QVCC – QVCC helped me out when I felt like I was hopeless. QVCC bridged the gap between taking a year off from college to going back to school to pursue my Bachelors degree. I can’t thank this little community college enough and all the wonderful professors I came in contact with there. Special shout-out to Jean Collins, EdD, MLIS, CAGS for being so supportive and inspiring. I never thought a Business Communications class I picked up for an elective would have such an impact on my life and knowledge of good business communication. Another special shoutout to Mary Christian-Madden, M.Ed for giving me the confidence to understand and pass chemistry with flying colors. Having failed chemistry the first time around devastated me and killed my confidence in this science. But you built me up and assured me that you were going to drill it into my head anyway you could. Honestly, I could not have gotten through my B.S. without you. You have made such an impact on my scientific life; thank you for being a kick ass instructor and an awesome person. You are so special!
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My naturalist family at The Manchester Parkade Health Shoppe – To my favorite job I ever had, thank you for teaching me so much about natural foods, supplements, and integrative medicine. You were the most eclectic and awesome crew I have ever worked with – I miss all of you dearly. Thank you for supporting me in anyway you could during my education and giving me a broader understanding of health and wellness. Also, thank you for embracing all my skills, passions, and desires and letting that shine through and truly impact your store.
Affiliate Business: Parkade Health Shoppe, Manchester, CT

Akiva – My childhood best friend, teacher, and now angel. The first horse to show me all the wisdom behind the spirit of a horse. You will forever be my favorite blessing. Thank you for all the years of happiness you brought into my family and I’s lives. I hope heaven has the greenest fields for you to munch on. 

Allyssa Paradis, Ashley O’neil, Lauren Evans, Jace Paul, Minda Rivera, Taylor Trudeau, Michaela Debenedictis and all my other friends that have come in and out of my life, thank you for always supporting and loving my simple spirit. I love you all!

Lauren Migliaccio – To the best cowgirl friend I made in Colorado. We’ve been through some “crappy” times together, no pun intended. But look how far we’ve come! For the past 3 years I can’t thank you enough for your unconditional love and support. You’ve always believed in me and although we don’t see each other often, we somehow pick up right where we left off. You’re an amazing person with the biggest heart – so, thank you for sharing your heart with me. I love you girl. 

Tushar Kale – Thank you for teaching me how to cook real Indian food. Eating with my hands with Kyle, you, and myself was an awesome experience. One day I’ll make my way to India and hope to see you there.

My family from the Tetons – To the people and summer that changed my life and showed me just how big and breathtaking the world really is – gosh, thank you. You all made my first time being 2,000 miles away from home an unforgettable experience that I will look back on for years and years. I absolutely love each and every one of you especially you Becca – I miss you! If anyone whose young, restless, and has a passion for nature is reading this please consider working for Vail Resorts. It was an amazing experience for me, working at Grand Teton Loge Company in Moran, WY and I would recommend it to anyone. Blaze a trail.

My UMass Foodservice Family – Thank you all for being so kind and wonderful to me throughout my first time managing. You will forever hold a special place in my heart. Love you all!

Davis Place Foodservice Team – Thank you for giving me a job all through college, I learned so much about clinical nutrition & therapeutic diets at this little long-term care facility. Thank you to Susan Briggs, RD for helping me along the way. I miss you all!
Affiliate Business: Davis Place, Danielson, CT

The rowdy Foster Country Club Crew – Thank you for always giving me a job when I needed it most. From being a line cook, to serving banquets, to driving around selling beverages to the golfers it was always a fun experience at FCC! The people I met through this wonderful establishment are folks I will never forget. You’ll always be life-long friends of mine. Also, thank-you Amanda for the long-ago inspiration of what is now a regular service of mine, Pantry Boot Camp.
Affiliate business: Foster Country Club, Foster, RI  

Pizza Pizzazz – To my first real job that taught me the meaning of hard work and dedication. The first job that hooked me into the food service industry. Thank you for teaching me culinary basics and how to make a pretty awesome pizza. I’ll never forget all the memories shared in that little pizza shop.

The little old man who was a Pizza Pizzazz regular and bought me a complete Martha Stewart Baking Set… Thank you – I’m still using all the supplies to date!

All the hardworking dairy farmers of Davis Farm – To my first ever job as a ten year old girl, learning to milk cows. I remember all the nights my Pittin and I would come home smelling like a cow farm and my Nana would kick us out of the house. From being squirted in the eye with milk to having a cow named after me, I’ll never forget this little dairy farm nestled so close to where I grew up. You taught me valuable lessons that truly peaked my interest in agriculture from a young age. Thank you to all the farmers in America, because without you we wouldn’t have beautiful food to eat and sustain our bodies. Thank a farmer today and read their story. 

Sue Barry – Thank you for being such a wonderful person and providing me with delicious goats milk!
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The Alexanders – Thank you for being such nice people who happen to make the best natural deorderant ever!
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