Market Tours

Learn – Connect – Apply 

How it works:

The tour will start in the fresh produce section, where most of the shopping will (hopefully be done). Haley will teach you how to pick out the highest quality ingredients to deliver the best meals. You’ll examine, touch, and smell food – yes, we’ll get some odd stares! But if that’s what it takes to connect with food, maybe the bystanders are the crazy ones! We’ll mosey over to the fish and meat section where further education will be given on cuts, types of meat/fish, and quality. The middle aisle will involve more intensive learning, as food labels will be covered extensively. Lastly, the dairy and juice section will be covered. Once, the tour commences you’ll have a mind full of knowledge and the tools to become a smart shopper for you and your family. Feel free to bring your spouse, children, or friend with you!

You’ll get all this:
  • Brief initial assessment to find the holes in your relationship with food and how you should be shopping
  • Guidance in all sections of the market highlighting important information relevant to each food group
  • Education on correctly reading and understanding food labels
  • Education on marketing tactics and how to outsmart them 
  • Pin-pointing foods that may be causing digestive discomfort 
  • Tips and tricks for shopping on a budget – who doesn’t love saving money?!
  • Tour takes about 2 hours 
Existing client rate: $200
Flat Rate: $250

Grocery Shopping

Need to save valuable time and energy by having someone else do the grocery shopping for you? Look no further, I can do that!

Existing client rate: $50 an hour + cost of your own groceries 
Non-client rate: $100 an hour + cost of your own groceries