Personal Chef as a Tomato Seed While Not in the Desert

Success is happiness. I’m joyful skipping down this path I sorta hashed out one day, in the depths of my own despair, looking for a career that would expand my soul and enlighten my spirit. I always knew I wanted to work with food – see it, feel it, taste it, smell it, love on it, and share it. I wanted to be IT. Working as a personal chef just feels like me. Merging the culinary arts, agriculture and nutrition so tightly together is the only way I could ever imagine living my life and enjoying my work. My mind, knowledge, visions, heart, soul, thoughts, excitements, social life, inspirations – it all gets to follow me, wherever I go. It all physically goes into my work and into the mouths I feed. I no longer have to “tone it down” or drop my inherent energy when I punch a time clock – it all keeps my time clock ticking. 

The cycle of a seed always amazed me. To plant a completely silent, dried up, and “dead” spec, into a pile of rotten earth and have it grow into a living being that shares its love with other beings is mind-blowing. We don’t normally experience this cycle in humans, although every now and again a kindred spirit emerges from nothing and totally changes the game. Can you imagine how simple it would be, living the life of a seed. Unless you were a tomato seed, planted in the sand; I suppose life would not be that easy. But trees emerge in-between stone and moss happily grows on just about anything. How could humans ever possess this level of adaptability?

Adaptability, open-mindedness, flexibility, and kindness will get you anywhere in this world. The problem with that – if you don’t know where you want to go, you’ll surely arrive somewhere, but maybe not your right place. Someone else’s right place, but not YOUR place. From the age of 16-24, I’d end up feeling stuck at any job I was working at the time. Stuck in the mundane tasks I was given day in and day out. Listening to my boss tell me what I was gonna do, aka what they wanted me to do. My Mom thought I had a serious problem with keeping jobs. I just saw it as outgrowing the dirt.

My success has not been a linear process. Let me rephrase that – success is not a linear process. There’s a lot involved – a lot of falls, countless more climbs, and big leaps of faith to get going. To reach a level of satisfaction that is so near and dear to your heart, you can’t help but feel inspired and build momentum.

In between the highs and lows, the most important thing is to listen. Sit down and listen to yourself – your thoughts, feelings, and desires. Pay attention to things that put a twinkle in your eye. It all means something – call it a story, call it coincidence, call it whatever you’d like, there’s only one you and you are special in a million and one ways. Linger in your own space, keep the good parts, and throw out the parts no longer serving you. Focus on the small things before you go ahead and try tackling the big things. DO WORK THAT INSPIRES YOU or at least work in the realm of your interests.

No tomato plant has ever produced fruit without thanking the microorganisms for their help and smiling at the worms as it grew past, through the dirt. Imagine, fiercely striving toward the sun and emerging in a garden full of vibrant plants just like you. We all end up somewhere, but not all can survive alone, in the desert, and still say we’re happy to grow there.

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