Meal Preparation

  • Scott – Chief Compliance Officer, Meal Service Client

    “Chef Haley is a life changer! How you may ask, well let me tell you. Despite no family history and not being overweight I was diagnosed in late 2018 with adult-onset Type 2 diabetes. It was time to make lifestyle changes and that started with eating healthier. My wife and I met with Haley who got to know our likes and dislikes with respect to foods, spices, etc. She then used this information and her nutritional background to design meals specifically for me including calorie count and the nutritional value of each ingredient. I have found each meal to be well prepared, very tasty and, despite being portion-controlled, filling. After eating “healthy with Haley” for less than 4 months, I have lost weight, feel healthier, and most importantly, after a follow-up doctor visit, no longer a diabetic. A result directly attributable to Haley. I highly recommend her.”

  • Meal Service Client

    “Having Haley cook for us has made a huge positive impact in our busy lives. Having a quick healthy meal available has been so amazing for us!”

  • Meal Service Client

    “Haley is fantastic. We have gotten everything we had hoped to get and more from her services.”

  • Mary Tobaygo – LPN, Meal Service Client

    “Haley shines in the kitchen, she’s very organized and comes prepared. The meals are delicious and well thought out staying within my dietary guidelines. Works clean and efficiently Haley has a very helpful and friendly attitude and I can’t wait to see what else she has in store. All of the meals were put together organized, easy to reheat, and was everything labeled appropriately. Thank you!”

Reclaim – Relax – Eat

You’ll get all this:
  • Initial consultation – going through a “Food & Diet Questionnaire” to pinpoint your wellness goals, food preferences, and needs for service (Weekly, Bi-Weekly, or Monthly Services Available)
  • A completely customized menu for you and your family to approve before each cook day
  • Estimated nutrient-analysis (calories, macronutrients, vitamins, minerals) of all meals through menu planning program
  • Grocery shopping customized to your preferences (organic, gluten-free, etc.)
    • Hand-picked ingredients on cook day to ensure only the highest quality ingredients go into your meals
    • Option to source ingredients from local purveyors*
  • Preparation of all nourishing meals completed right in your own kitchen – free smells
  • Packaging and labeling of all fresh & frozen meals with convenient heating & serving instruction 
    • **New!** In an effort to do our part in supporting mother earth – Environmentally Friendly Pyrex meal packaging provided by your chef when you sign up! ~$6 per piece – 20 pyrex set for $120 and you own the set! All containers must be cleaned and ready to use on your recurring cook day
  • A spotless kitchen, maybe even cleaner than you left it 
  • More time to focus on doing things you love; an investment in the health of you and your family 

Rates (cost of groceries additional):

Great for weekly services, singles & couples!

  • 2 dishes, 2 servings each = 4 total meals – $200 + cost of groceries
  • 3 dishes, 2 servings each = 6 total meals – $250 + cost of groceries
  • 4 dishes, 2 servings each = 8 total meals – $275 + cost of groceries
  • 5 dishes, 2 servings each = 10 total meals – $300 + cost of groceries

Great for families or bi-weekly singles/couples! 

  • 3 dishes, 4 servings each = 12 total meals – $300 + cost of groceries
  • 3 dishes, 6 servings each = 18 total meals – $325 + cost of groceries
  • 4 dishes, 4 servings each = 16 total meals – $350 + cost of groceries
  • 5 dishes, 4 servings each = 20 total meals – $375 + cost of groceries
  • 4 dishes, 6 servings each = 24 total meals – $400 + cost of groceries
  • 5 dishes, 6 servings each = 30 total meals – $450 + cost of groceries

**Share dinner with neighbors and make meal services more affordable! Meals must be prepared in one kitchen with a shared menu.**

Cost of groceries varies on the size of service and shopping preferences. Typical grocery costs range from $75-$300. Higher-end for organic. All service rates subject to change – specific nutritional needs, dietary restrictions, allergies, etc. can alter service rates.

*Up-charge of $50 per service when sourcing from local purveyors. 

*$20 mileage fee per service if outside the 30-mile radius.