Scott – Chief Compliance Officer, Meal Service Client

“Chef Haley is a life changer! How you may ask, well let me tell you. Despite no family history and not being overweight I was diagnosed in late 2018 with adult-onset Type 2 diabetes. It was time to make lifestyle changes and that started with eating healthier. My wife and I met with Haley who got to know our likes and dislikes with respect to foods, spices, etc. She then used this information and her nutritional background to design meals specifically for me including calorie count and the nutritional value of each ingredient. I have found each meal to be well prepared, very tasty and, despite being portion controlled, filling. After eating “healthy with Haley” for less than 4 months, I have lost weight, feel healthier, and most importantly, after a follow-up doctor visit, no longer a diabetic. A result directly attributable to Haley. I highly recommend her.”

Jenny Slate – Actress, Author, Comedian

These ladies make some of the most delicious food I’ve eaten in a lonnnng time! If you live in SouthCoast MA and are looking for a chef to do meal prep, cooking classes for adults AND kids, events, or retreats, please please get in touch with my friends Haley and Celeste at The Holistic Trick. THEY MAKE THE TASTIEST BEST FOOOOOOOOD!!!! 

Basia Winograd – Documentarian, Writer

I enjoyed seven days of breakfasts, lunches and dinners by The Holistic Trick during a recent retreat. Each meal was a panoply of beautiful, nutritious and delicious dishes. I am a self-proclaimed foodie and often travel specifically to enjoy various world cuisines, yet there were several dishes served by The Holistic Trick that I thought might have just been the most delicious and satisfying things I’d ever eaten. The Holistic Trick’s varied, beautiful and nutritious meals reminded me that food is a gift to be treasured and enjoyed, and that eating well makes us feel well. The passion The Holistic Trick obviously has for their work made meals feel like soulful, even spiritual occasions, rather than just breaks in the day to fill our bellies.

Annie Godfrey Larmon – Writer & Editor

I was blown away by Haley and Celeste’s innovation, style, and engagement with the offerings of the local environment. (Beach-plucked rose water and dried seaweed crisps, anyone?) Everything they prepared was memorable. They are also a total pleasure to spend time with!

Nick Greene – Writer

I have never in my life eaten better than when I was at the Cuttyhunk residency. Seriously. It was also the healthiest I’ve ever eaten. Really, I was astonished by everything you made. For example: I went my entire life thinking I hated fish … and I LOVED every fish dish you prepared. Am I a fish guy now? Or was it just because you are magicians? Either way, nice work.

Maryanne Nolan – Yoga Retreat Attendee

Holistic Trick does it all! I am always amazed at the integrity of the food itself, quality and variety of options, the skill involved in preparation and serving. The choices are interesting, varied and original. I was delighted with each of my meals and felt very satisfied with the physical and emotional aesthetics of the food on my body as a system. Kudos to Haley!

Lukas Georgiou

Thank you so much guys. It was the most exciting part of my day coming into the dining room to see what you had made for lunch and dinner. It’s nice to meet young people so engaged in healthy, locally sourced food 🙂

Betsy Puckett

As a vegetarian I’ve had to resign myself to “making do” when eating out. The 4 day event I attended was 4 days of vegetarian bliss, with amazingly healthy and flavorful foods. Each meal was a treat for the taste buds and the combinations of fresh and nutritious ingredients denied any guilt at second helpings. At minimum, I want a cookbook, but my ideal would be a restaurant where Haley’s food is available every week. This event was easily the best culinary experience I’ve ever had.

Lisa Sullivan – Yoga Retreat Attendee

The beauty of the food you prepared together with your knowledge and disciplined skills were reflective of your unique spirit, surpassing food trends. You are a gifted artisan, preparing meals to support nutritional needs while providing delicious bites that remain memorable and enhance the shared experience of life around a table.

Meal Service Client

Having Haley cook for us has made a huge positive impact in our busy lives. Having a quick healthy meal available has been so amazing for us!

Meal Service Client

Haley is fantastic. We have gotten everything we had hoped to get and more from her services.

Mary Tobaygo – LPN, Meal Service Client

Haley shines in the kitchen, she’s very organized and comes prepared. The meals are delicious and well thought out staying within my dietary guidelines. Works clean and efficiently Haley has a very helpful and friendly attitude and I can’t wait to see what else she has in store. All of the meals were put together organized, easy to reheat, and was everything labeled appropriately. Thank you!”


“I can’t say enough wonderful things about Chef Haley…the food she prepares is layered with flavor and she takes the time to understand your likes, (along with your dislikes) and then creates the most perfect menu for you and your guests. The ingredients she uses are locally sourced and her preparation is unmatched. Besides her food being wonderful, chef Haley is so easy to work with, has a great disposition and is always dependable and extremely organized. We have used her for both small and larger dinner parties and the experience and food she provides are always amazing. I’d recommend The Holistic Trick again and again.

Judy Rzucidlo – Farmer

Haley loves food and all its grandeur. Her true passion is the challenge of preparing food for its peak flavor. She has made several different dishes for me. I do like my food simple and non-spicy – not a chefs dream customer. However, I have been surprised and impressed with the composition, presentation and most of all the taste of her meals for me. It is a bit of a holistic trick as to what she can create. For sure, it is a holistic treat.”

Sarah Corbett – Photographer

“I cannot say enough wonderful things about Haley and her mad chef skills! She was the personal chef at a retreat I attended, and prepared farm-to-table meals for us 3 x’s a day. Her cooking is a multi-sensory experience! From flavors to textures to color… it was an absolutely delicious and beautiful experience. She blew us away. AND everything she prepared was so incredibly healthy and easy on the digestive system. I felt SO GOOD eating her food all week. To top it all off, Haley is awesome person to be around… easy going, thoughtful, witty, professional, and engaging. The retreat atmosphere and experience was enhanced 10 fold because she was there. She is top notch. I can’t imagine anyone better all around.”

-Sarah Corbett thank you so much for contributing beautiful photographs to my portfolio & website. You so perfectly snap in just the right moments – it’s beyond a gift, you have.

Caitlin Winkley – Life Coach

“I most recently hired Haley Pollock of The Holistic Trick to chef at my life coaching retreat at Smith Farm Gardens. Blown away doesn’t even come close to describing my experience of hiring Haley. Before finding Haley, I had interviewed tons of chefs. None of them felt just right, until I had found The Holistic Trick. She had all of the unique elements I was looking for – education on how food effects our wellbeing, a value in farm-to-table dining, the ability to creatively use local ingredients, friendly, positive demeanor, gorgeous presentation of the meals and impeccable work ethic. Ready for the best part though? Her food was insanely good! I wanted to offer my retreat members healthy meals and Haley was able to turn gluten free, dairy free and mostly refined sugar-free meals into some of the most delicious meals me and my retreat members have literally ever tasted! Her attention to detail with each meal was noted and appreciated. Not to be corny, but I could feel the love with every bite. Everyone needs chef Haley in their kitchen. I can’t recommend this woman enough!”

Donna Osorio – Administrative Assistant 

“I highly recommend Haley – The Holistic Trick! Her food is creative, very healthy and YUMMY! We ate a lot during our retreat but we felt so light because of all the nutritious food Haley served us! We love our morning juices, kale chips. the muffins and golden mil before bed! Oh my, so so good! I was so spoiled for 4 days and it was hard to go back to reality – HAHA! Haley, definitely work on that book – we are going back to CT for the book tour! I appreciate your talents and your sweet personality! You are awesome!”

Kelsey Sperl – Rise Yoga

“I am so grateful that I stumbled upon The Hollistic Trick in my chef search for my recent Yoga Retreat! 

Haley far exceeded my expectations in preparing, cooking, and executing 3 meals a day for our group of 14. Every single meal was absolutely delicious and nutritious. The women and I were continuously blown away by the dishes. From the Pistachio Encrusted Salmon to the Braised Pork to the Pumpkin Teff Porridge, the quality & flavor were outstanding.

Haley also was super attentive to those with dietary restrictions and made each and every one of them feel taken care of. Every meal had a vegetarian option or dairy free or sugar free option.

I also truly value that Haley sources all of her ingredients from local farms and/or small independent food stores. Her and her assistant, Ellen, did such a beautiful job maneuvering around a small kitchen (with sometimes limited serving plates/utensils/etc) and creating a beautiful atmosphere for each of our meals. I want to book my next yoga retreat now just so I can hire Haley again!”

Ben Shattuck – Founder & Director of The Cuttyhunk Island ResidencyAuthor & Artist

“Haley Pollock (The Holistic Trick) made everyone’s week here at Cuttyhunk Island Writers’ Residency pure bliss. She’s an extremely hard worker and astoundingly talented. More, she’s passionate about the food she makes. I wholeheartedly recommend her for any job — if she can cook such good food for fifteen people for a week on a tiny island (with no grocery store) twelve miles from the mainland, she can do pretty much anything.

Ayeh Bandeh-Ahmadi – Author

“I am already planning how to arrange for Haley at my next group retreat! She is a force in the kitchen and a lovely lady to spend an evening with to boot. The meals she prepped and executed for our group of 15-25 people (group size varied over the course of the week) were the highlight of our time at Cuttyhunk Island, on par with the scenery and atmosphere of a spectacular place.

It’s hard to pick favorites but Haley’s salad dressings (seriously — creamy orange blossom, beet green pesto) and chutneys are really special! I loved her almond encrusted curry salmon. Her watermelon gazpacho made it onto my instagram feed and tasted even more delicious than it looks. And the lamb chops!

The best part might be that as a nutritionist, everything she makes is incredibly healthy. I have gallstones that are easily set off by typical meals that are high in fat or hard for my GI system to process. It was a real treat to spend a week having Haley cook and not having to worry about my body feeling tired or weighed down from meals. She cooked for a diverse group of tastes and dietary restrictions (from vegan to meat-lovers) and left everyone feeling thrilled.”

Jabeen Akhtar – Author

“Haley and her staff created the most delicious and hearty vegan meals for me (and in huge portions!). I’ll never forget the cucumber dill soup, watermelon gazpacho, grilled soy sausage skewers and teriyaki tempeh “meatballs” with soba noodles, along with so many other dishes. On top of that, Haley is extremely professional, friendly and welcomes feedback from her clients. I wholeheartedly recommend her for any catering or personal chef needs!”