Chef Haley

Founder & Executive Chef Haley Rego

  • Certified Personal Chef, The United States Personal Chef Association
  • B.S. Nutritional Sciences & Food Science, University of Connecticut
  • A.S. Baking & Pastry Arts, Johnson & Wales University
  • Certified Professional Food Service Manager, Servsafe
  • Certified in Allergen Awareness, Massachusetts Restaurant Association

Growing up?

Chef Haley grew up slow in a small town situated in Northeastern, CT. Her love and passion for food began in her Mother’s thriving garden which they grew together every year. Her Nana taught her to make pies, breads, and cookies from the time she could stand on a kitchen chair. Her child-like mind still wanders back to the days of milking cows, mucking horse stalls, feeding chickens, and learning about… well, food.

Formal education?

Post-high school, Haley attended Johnson & Wales University for two years and received her Associates degree in Baking & Pastry Arts. During her second year of college at JWU she began to realize the health  limitations within the world of baking, but loved the scientific aspect. She become curious about the world of nutrition, how food biochemically affects the functionality of the human mind, body and spirit. Having struggled with her own gut health for years, she was determined to understand the root cause of her health disbalances.

After graduation, Haley traveled to Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming to lead guests through the western mountains on horseback. Having ridden and competed since she was five, she always dreamt of becoming a real cowgirl while exploring the majestic beauty of the west. After her western adventure had ended, she decided to head back home to pursue her Bachelor’s degree in Nutritional Science & Food Science at the University of Connecticut (UConn) in Storrs. There, Haley fell even deeper in love with the function of the human body, and the cycle of food, from seed to digestion.

Work experience?

Cow Milker & Farmhand at Davis Farm, Line Cook at Pizza Pizzazz, Line Cook & Server at Foster Country Club, Wrangler at Grand Teton Lodge Company, Wrangler at M Lazy C Ranch, Purchaser & Retail Consultant at Manchester Parkade Health Shoppe, Dietary Aide at Davis Place, Baker at The Vanderbilt Grace, Prep Cook at Elizabeth’s Farmhouse, Retail Manager at Sodexo, Founder of The Holistic Trick LLC, Life & Business Coach at Stoke the Flame Coaching LLC

Cooking style?

Chef Haley’s cooking style is giving integrity to whole foods; making dishes that are delicious, beautiful, and of course, nutritious. Embracing the entire cycle of food; from planting to digesting is so important. She is a huge fan of fresh herbs, spices from across the globe, healthy fats, and other plant-based additions, as these components lend flavor to dishes without the need for significant amounts of sugar, salt & unhealthy fats. Her favorite dishes to cook are any type of curry, Asian fare or Mediterranean dishes.

Other hobbies & pastimes?

Gardening, fermenting, making cheese, bread, hiking, running, yoga, horseback riding, and anything outdoorsy. Haley also loves spending time with her loving husband, family, and friends. One day she hopes to own her own farm with animals, horses, foster dogs, and continue to grow, harvest, and process A LOT of amazing food!

Favorite foods?

Unhealthy: french fries, potato chips, beef jerky – Healthy: tuscan kale, mushrooms, sushi or any Asian food, curry

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