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Haley Pollock

Culinary Nutritionist & Personal Chef

  • B.S. Nutritional Sciences & Food Science, University of Connecticut 
  • A.S. Baking & Pastry Arts, Johnson & Wales University 
  • Personal Chef, Culinary Business Institute 
  • Certified Professional Food Manager, Prometric
  • Certified in Allergen Awareness, Massachusetts Restaurant Association

Hello there friends, thanks for stopping by.

My name is Haley and I am a young, vibrant & passionate individual looking to build my client’s relationship with food. My own personal relationship with food has evolved quite a bit since the day my grandmother stood me on a chair and taught me to knead bread dough. My child-like mind still wanders back to the days of milking cows, mucking stalls, feeding chickens, and learning about… well, food. 

The Holistic Trick started back in 2014 as a blog, dedicated to providing readers with a holistic understanding of all things food, lifestyle & wellness related. Growing up an only-child, writing had always been an outlet for me. A pen and paper were the best friends I told everything to. And then there was food. The second most imperative commodity fueling our survival on this planet (first, being water). As a child I suffered with GI distress almost every day. When I visited the doctor’s office for reoccurring stomach aches, I was prescribed an antibiotic almost every time. In middle school, I was diagnosed with acid reflux and prescribed a pill (which I refused to take). In 8th grade, I decided to put myself on a diet to prepare for high school. I was no size zero, but I wanted to be. So, I ate one meal a day. That meal was dinner – which my mother always prepared and there were always leftovers. She’d send me next door with a warm plate for our neighbor Chet, an elderly POW veteran that loved my Moms food! He’d always give me a snack ice cream or something in exchange for a free dinner. I think back to the early times of giving food, my favorite form of love.

My relationship with food stayed broken until I got my first paying job as a freshman in high school. I still remember walking into a local pizza joint, filling out an application, and having the owner hire me on the spot, “can you come in tomorrow night and wash dishes?” With so much excitement I replied, “sure!” That first day of work, I was taken back by the magnificent smell of that little walk-in cooler. For a minute I closed my eyes and filled my lungs with all the glorious smells of food. I was hooked from that day on. 

Since then, I’ve been immersed in the food industry, with work experience including: dairy farms, country clubs, pizza joints, bakeries, diners, coffee shops, health-food stores, ranches, farm-to-table restaurants, elderly housing, & corporate healthcare. I was so proud the day I graduated with my nutrition degree. All the sleepless nights studying for major exams, the countless hours working on assignments, dragging my tired butt to class each day, and putting my life on hold to understand how food affected the human body, was all finally worth something. With my $50,000 piece of paper and a mind full of forward-thinking knowledge, I accepted my first big-girl job with a food service contracting company. I was so excited to start my journey, climb the corporate ladder, and enjoy all the perks of working in a corporate environment (something brand new to me). Needless to say, the opportunity was short-lived. I soon realized fitting the “corporate mold” was not a venture my free-spirited self had the power to do for the next 20-years. So, I traded in my salary, 401k, medical benefits, paid time off, vacation days, and stability to pursue this dream of owning my own business. Starting something from nothing, and making success my only option.

So here I am, ready to cook amazing food for those that lack the time, skills, and/or knowledge to do so. My cooking style is giving integrity to whole foods; making dishes that are delicious, beautiful, and of course, nutritious. Embracing the entire cycle of food; from planting to digesting is so important. I’d like to help my clients embrace this cycle, as all these small parts feed into the same interconnected system that ultimately influences our overall health. I’m a huge fan of fresh herbs, spices, healthy fats, and other plant-based additions, as these components lend flavor to dishes without the need for significant amounts of sugar, salt & unhealthy fat. A drizzle of EVOO can completely transform a dish; while also lowering the risk of heart disease, adding antioxidant power and contributing to satiety (feeling full & satisfied).

I love to embrace the challenging yet intriguing art of international cuisine. We can learn so much from global food culture, trends & traditions. The coolest moments of my food journey have been learning to cook real Indian curry (don’t forget to temper your spices), eating that Indian food with my hands, trying crickets for the first time (which are surprisingly delicious), baking with a 170-year-old Oregon Trail sourdough starter, brewing gallons and gallons of Kombucha, and ordering raw jelly fish salad. One day I’d love to travel the world and be the next Andrew Zimmern protégé – just kidding, but not really 🙂

I really enjoy gardening, fermenting, making my own cheese & yogurt, sprouting, and making traditional sourdough bread. Also, in my spare time (if you don’t find me cooking) I enjoy the outdoors – whether it be hiking, gardening, running, or day-dreaming of aspen forests that nestle in the western mountains.

I’m so glad you’re here and I can’t wait to connect with you. 

With love,

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