Personal Chef Meal Delivery

Our Meal Delivery Service Helps You + Your Family

  • Alleviate stress & promote peace of mind in the home & at meal time
  • Minimize resentment & outbursts at your non-cheffy partner 
  • Reprogram unhealthy impulsive eating patterns
  • Combat diet-related hurdles you may be facing
  • Maximize professional and/or athletic performance
  • Fall in love with food again + never get bored with endless global flavors
  • Reduce your time menu planning, grocery shopping, cooking, & cleaning dishes (…we know you hate them)
  • Reinvest 8+ hours per week spending more time with friends + family, doing what you love, or making more money

Give a Unique Gift

Who Uses Our Personal Chef Delivery Service?

  • Busy working professionals
  • New Moms & Dads or Empty-nesters
  • Those who hate to cook
  • Active families on the go who don’t have time to cook
  • Families & couples vacationing in Southcoast RI + MA
  • Those with food allergies or on a special diet
  • Pescatarian, vegan, vegetarian meal prep
  • Seniors and those who look after them
  • Athletes or those training for a sports event
  • Those undergoing surgery/medical recovery
  • Those who value whole foods eating + uses food as medicine

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Package Offerings

*Weekly or Bi-Weekly Packages start at $400 + cost of groceries
  • 3 diff entrees, 4 servings each = 12 total meals
  • 4 diff entrees, 4 servings each = 16 total meals
  • 5 diff entrees, 4 servings each = 20 total meals
  • Custom or larger packages available by request

*Cost of groceries varies on the size of the service, ingredients, and shopping preferences. Groceries range from $100-$300+. Higher for organic/local.

*+$50-100 mileage fee per service if outside the 20-mile Chef radius

*All service rates subject to change – specific nutritional needs, dietary restrictions, allergies, etc. can alter service rates.

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My Clients Results

  • Scott – Recovering Diabetic

    “Chef Haley is a life changer! How you may ask, well let me tell you. Despite no family history and not being overweight I was diagnosed in late 2018 with adult-onset Type 2 diabetes. It was time to make lifestyle changes and that started with eating healthier. My wife and I met with Haley who got to know our likes and dislikes with respect to foods, spices, etc. She then used this information and her nutritional background to design meals specifically for me including calorie count and the nutritional value of each ingredient. I have found each meal to be well prepared, very tasty and, despite being portion-controlled, filling. After eating “healthy with Haley” for less than 4 months, I have lost weight, feel healthier, and most importantly, after a follow-up doctor visit, no longer a diabetic. A result directly attributable to Haley. I highly recommend her.”

  • Liz Peckham – Post-Surgery

    “After surgery, I received a gift of assorted prepared meals ready to heat and serve. Haley took the time to ask what we liked to eat, if we had any dietary restrictions, and thoughtfully delivered an assortment of delicious treats.”

  • Christine – Busy Professional

    “I highly recommend The Holistic Trick for personal chef services. Haley personalizes her meals and is very responsive to any changes we want to make. She is very organized sending the menu and shopping list in advance so we can make changes if needed. The food is delicious and healthy. We have also used The Holistic Trick dinner parties and the food is always amazing – better than you could get going out to dinner and so nice to be able to entertain at home. With our busy schedules having home-cooked food, beautifully presented in our home is money worth spending. We have Haley prepare three dinners/week for us. She offers several different meal plan packages for a variety of schedules and budgets. Try out her service, you will be glad that you did.”

  • Jen – Busy Professional & Mom

    “For the last 7 months, Chef Haley has become an essential part of our household. As a family of four, we love the convenience of having Haley prepare meals in our home and having delicious and nutritious dinner (and leftover lunch) options in our fridge for the busy work and school week. Haley has introduced us to so many new amazing flavors (Black Sesame Falafel with Tzatziki , Moroccan Chicken Tagine with Pistachios) mixed in with classic comfort foods – our kids devour her beef bourguignon and roast turkey with mashed potatoes and gravy. Each week’s menu is completely customizable to our dietary whims and is far superior in taste and quality to anything I could try to whip up after a long day’s work. As an added bonus, Haley’s presence has inspired us to be more excited about our own cooking on the days we do cook. Haley is a gem and we feel so fortunate to have her in our lives!”

  • Stephanie – Busy Professional

    “My husband and I had our very first meal last night from The Holistic Trick. We had the salmon. It was outstanding!!! The quality was fantastic, the presentation was fine dining quality and there was plenty of food. The Salmon was perfectly cooked, the vegetables were varied and the seasoning amazing. The containers are oven and microwave safe, we chose to microwave it. My husband and I decided that we would make this a regular part of our life. All I need is a break from the daily grind of making dinner.”

  • Mary – LPN

    “Haley shines in the kitchen, she’s very organized and comes prepared. The meals are delicious and well thought out staying within my dietary guidelines. Works clean and efficiently Haley has a very helpful and friendly attitude and I can’t wait to see what else she has in store. All of the meals were put together organized, easy to reheat, and was everything labeled appropriately. Thank you!”