Treating My Eczema & Acne Naturally

Its difficult maintaining perfect skin, and even more difficult finding products and daily regimines that work to give you perfect skin results. Many of us spend hundreds of dollars on products that promise to prevent breakouts, leave our skin feeling soft and silky, the whole nine yards; yet little to no results. Eczema or atopic dermatitis affects about 10% of the population and acne affects about 85% of the population between the ages of 12 and 24. Every year around the fall season and all through the winter I experience some minor eczema on my shins. This year it came a bit earlier and broke out around my eyes. I was having acne breakouts and then eczema breakouts which resulted in itchy, red, dry, and irritated skin. And of course I was pretty irritated too! I tried everything under the sun: coconut oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, vitamin E oil, aloe vera gel, regular lotion, tea tree oil, and other varius essential oils.. NOTHING WAS WORKING. I was very close to making an appointment with a dermatologist (which I wanted to avoid from the $50 co-pay) when I did some research and found two products I felt would really clear up these issues up. And let me tell you, they have been my miracles!

Tamanu OilFront-1

The first product I’d like to talk about was the first one I bought out of the two. Its called Tamanu Oil. Tamanu Oil has been used for thousands of years mainly in the South Pacific region. Polynesian women have been using this oil for years to promote healthy blemish free skin. Since the 1920’s Tamnu oil has been clinically researched and  studied by Europe, Asia, and the South Pacific Islands with astounding results; the same astounding results I had myself! Its even been featured on Dr. Oz.

Tamnu oil comes from  the Calophyllum inophyllum tree, which grows fruit that contains a kernel inside. The kernel is pressed and the oil extracted is a thick greenish yellowish substance and a bit sticky. The smell is very nutty and reminds me of the smell of a leather saddle. When applied the oil absorbs luxuriously and leaves no oily residue.

What convinced me to purchase this oil was the reviews it received from Over 350 users rated the Tamanu oil at 5 stars and overall this specific brand, Puresset was rated 4.6 stars. By the way, this brand came with a money back guarantee, so I figured how could I go wrong? People had vouched for the oil claiming it treated their skin issues including: acne, eczema, psoriasis, toe nail fungus, shingles, irritated/dry skin, and many more issues! The 1 ounce bottle was roughly $14 plus whatever shipping option you choose. Be sure if you buy another brand, the oil is cold pressed, never heated or refined, and has good reviews from previous users.

I’m so glad I purchased this product because it dried up majority of my pimples in less than a week, yet moisturized my skin leaving it beautiful like it used to be. In regards to helping my eczema, it also worked wonders by reducing much of the inflammation I had and clearing up the dry irritated areas. I use this oil twice a day as my moisturizer and when I was having bad breakouts maybe an extra application on the problem areas. I’ve only been using this oil for about a week and a half, and I doubt it will completely cure my skin issues; since the eczema seems to be an autoimmune issue that occurs for most people, like myself during the colder months. But I will continue using it and keeping my acne and eczema at bay, naturally! Love this stuff!

Forces Of Nature Eczema Control Cleanse Bar

Forces-Of-Nature-Eczema-Control-Cleanse-Bar-830743001404This is the second product I call my little miracle, but the story behind it is very different from its partner. I purchased this Forces of Nature cleansing bar from There were zero reviews so I was very skeptical about purchasing it, but I knew the brand name was a very reliable one. I went back and forth with myself, looked at a few other products, but my mind kept going back to this one. I ended up google searching it and found one review on Amazon with 5 stars. So I finally broke down and said what the heck!

This product also guaranteed immediate results, although I’m not sure about a money back guarantee; but I won’t be needing that anyway because it worked wonders! It cost me a bit more than $8 plus whatever shipping option. Its Doctor Recommended and Homeopathic. The active ingredients are all homeopathic and also contains various essential oils.

This stuff really helped whip my arch enemy eczema’s butt, surprisingly after the first application. As soon as I received this in the mail I was eager to try it. So I washed my face with the bar and to my surprise by the time I dried off, all the redness left on my face was virtually gone. I was amazed! I was using the Tamanu oil a few days before this and although it was doing the job this stuff really kicked my redness right out the door. After a few days it had also drastically helped dry out any acne I had left, and since using it I have not had another breakout. I’ve been using it for about a week, twice a day as my facial cleanser and finish up by applying the Tamanu oil. I swear by these two products being used in succession if you’re experiencing eczema, acne, or just minor irritated/inflamed skin. They are both all natural, over the counter, and painless remedies that REALLY work!



    1. Yes most definitely the Tamanu oil in regards to the dry itchy skin.. I’m not so sure about the Bar though, just because I felt as if that was more of a drying product on its own.

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