Pros and Cons of Hiring a Personal Chef for Your Retreat

Retreats have become an experience everyone should partake in. They are the place to connect, expand and nourish. And what is most important, they are a great way to step back from your business, and from your perspective, and look at things from a completely different angle. Many leaders, experts, and entrepreneurs use retreats to help their employees refresh their brain. Moreover, when you change your environment, many things can happen. New food, people, location and many other things can trigger new ideas. And these new ideas and perspectives are what keep a business moving forward. But, besides having things that inspire people like a new environment and connecting with other professionals, you also need the food that is going to feed that brain. Food is a vital part of any retreat.

Pros of Hiring a Personal Chef for a Retreat

Food is a major part of any retreat. It is just as important as the trainer and the location. So, it goes without saying that hiring a personal retreat chef is of key importance. But if you need more persuading, here are some pros that will help you realize why a personal chef is really important.

Lower risk of something going wrong

Accidents are part of any party or retreats. Many things can go wrong. And if you do not want to worry about what might happen, you can simply hire a professional chef who knows his/her way around the kitchen. Just like you would hire a professional moving company like to handle your relocation, so do you need to hire a professional chef to take care of your food at a retreat. 

Personal chefs have more experience

A personal chef is not the same chef that you see in a restaurant.  A personal chef is somebody who knows how to work with different clients. Their job is to fulfill any request you may have. They can adjust to any menu, and cook at any time of the day you find fit for your retreat. Moreover, they already worked at many locations and probably already know how to work with different kinds of people.

You’ll be exposed to new foods and flavors

Most of the time, we all get used to one kind of food and eat it constantly. And, by eating it over and over again, you never get a chance to try something new. But, this is what retreats are for. They should not only provide fresh perspectives when it comes to business, but to the new foods and flavors as well. Who knows, maybe some new flavor can trigger an idea and change the entire workflow. And this is where a personal chef really comes in hand. They know plenty of recipes that you’ve never tried before and know how to incorporate superfoods into every meal.

High food standards

Nowadays, people are becoming more aware and very conscious of their health. Every single bite is important. Moreover, many will pass the opportunity to be a part of a retreat if the food being served there is going to be bad. So, avoid these awkward situations, and hire a personal chef who knows how important healthy food is. Those kinds of chefs can focus on organic food and healthy cooking. No doubt, your employees and colleagues will want to come next year and work even harder.

Personal chefs can adjust to any diet and special request

Unfortunately, having eating disorders, or being allergic to some kinds of food is a common thing nowadays. So, if you have already organized your retreat, you must adjust to the people and their needs. That is why, if you have people who are vegans, vegetarians, lactose intolerant, people with allergies or some health issues, hiring a personal chef is a must. They will work with fresh and healthy ingredients and modify meals to suit all dietary requirements.

You will have your privacy

When on a business retreat, you would want some privacy, especially if you are discussing some important issues related to your company. And we all know that the best and most constructive conversations are best held during a meal. In those cases, you do not want to be in the restaurant or someplace where people keep interrupting. But, if you are already on a retreat, having a personal chef will enable you to have a great meal in peace and in your space. 

Cons of Hiring a Personal Chef for a Retreat

As you have guessed, there are more pros of hiring a personal chef for a retreat than cons. But, we cannot say that there are no drawbacks. There is a lot to think about when it comes to hiring a personal chef. 

You have to do a lot of researching

All the chefs are different. So besides finding one that is affordable and a great cook, you must also look for one with great leadership skills, even temperament, high standards, an eye for quality, time management skills and attention to details. Moreover, you need to taste their food, to make sure that they are as great as they represent themselves. And lastly, it is advised to talk to their previous clients to be sure that everything went fine.

It will cost you more

The prices of hiring a personal chef can range. But, either way, they will cost you a lot more than cooking by yourself or eating at a restaurant. The price will depend on the amount of food they have to cook each day on a retreat. And most of the time, special orders and food requirements will cost more. But, that is the price you have to pay if you want to have a great and productive retreat that you can sit back and enjoy.

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