Fast & Simple Meal Ideas for People on the Move

Sometimes it seems that there’s just not enough time in a day to sit down and have a decent
meal. But, whether you’re moving your home or just constantly in motion because of your
business, you’ll still need nutrition. And not just nutrition of any kind! You’ll want to eat healthy
food to keep your energy levels up and your focus sharp. Unfortunately, people on the
move usually don’t have the best diets. They consist of anything you can pick up while going
from one meeting to the next or something you can have delivered. However, we’re here to tell
you there’s a better way! Check out our healthy, fast and simple meals for people on the move,
and see how to eat healthily, stay mobile and ready for action.

The first thing you’ll need to know to simplify your nutrition is that planning your meals usually
equals healthier meals. Now, you don’t have to make a meticulous schedule to have a healthy
diet. Just ask yourself each morning where and what you’ll eat that day. One of the most
common reasons that people eat bad food is that it’s the closest option they have when
they get hungry. However, if you plan your meals for that specific day, you’re less likely to
order food at your workplace when you’re feeling peckish.

Interesting Meal Ideas

When you’re on the move, you’ll definitely get hungry. But, the very fact that you’re constantly in
motion means that you won’t be able to spend a lot of time preparing food. But don’t worry! Not
only can you use your busy lifestyle to improve your diet, but you can also save time
grocery shopping while on the move!

Here are some fast and simple meal ideas for those who don’t have a lot of time to spend in
front of the stove. These delicious and quick recipes will ensure you have enough time for your
lifestyle, as well as tasty and healthy food to keep you going.


These are the cornerstone of any busy person’s diet. However, they’re not the healthiest option
when ordered or bought. Luckily, you can greatly improve their quality by making them yourself
before your day starts!

Some Tasty and Healthy Sandwich Ideas

● Dark bread, corn and tuna – you can add additional greens according to your taste.
● Bell pepper, high-quality cheese and chicken – the powerhouse of fast and simple meals for
people on the move.
● Roasted red pepper, hummus, avocado and feta – meat-free and easy to make.

Your sandwiches don’t have to be fatty to fill you up for the day!


Salads are the perfect food for people constantly on the move. Unfortunately, when most people
hear the word “salads” they usually think of an appetizer which comes before your actual food.
But, with a few additions, you can make them very tasty and very nutritious.

● Add pomegranate to your greens to give them that zesty kick. This fruit can be a salad
seasoning in itself.
● Introduce dried meat and croutons to your salad! This way you’ll get a healthy, nutritious
and easy-to-make snack which will get you through the day!
● You can also add a few boiled eggs to the salad if that’s to your taste.
● Make a salad in a jar and throw some pasta or noodles in there. Season it any way you
like, and you’ve got yourself a jar of traveling salad. Reseal it once you’re done eating
and reuse it anytime you want.

Traveling salads are easy to use and easy to store!

Burrito Bowls

There are a million and one ways to make a burrito! We’re suggesting you make one without the
wrapping! This fast and easy solution is an excellent food to enjoy while on the move. This
will allow you to refrigerate it longer and it will be less messy to eat. You can even make a
couple of servings and prepare food for a week.

Just choose your favorite burrito filling and make it in a bowl instead of a tortilla.


Even though it takes a long time to make this meal, you’ll only spend about ten minutes in the
kitchen, actually preparing it. The oven will do the rest. This is an excellent meal to make if you
have some time off during your week, as it will provide you with a few days’ worth of
lunches/dinners once you make it.

If you think even these culinary feats are too difficult for you, consider taking up cooking classes
to get some new ideas and improve your skills. With a little help, you’ll be able to learn how to
prepare fast and delicious meals which will definitely improve your diet!

Moving Out?

If you’re moving your home, it’s especially important to eat well and stay hydrated. Moving is not an easy process, and you’ll need your strength. Preparing food for the moving day in
advance is crucial, as you won’t have a lot of time when the day comes. Also, if you’re
moving a long way away, you’ll want to prepare some food for the road. For example, when relocating to New York City make sure you prepare and pack a lot of healthy snacks. The last
thing you’ll want is to stop at some chain-restaurant on the way there because you’re hungry.
Additionally, if the destination of your relocation is the Big Apple, you’ll need to be especially
careful since there’s someone selling food around every corner. Giving in to the bagel shop
across the street from your new home can start an avalanche that sends you down the spiral.

What to Keep in Mind

Eating healthy means being healthy, but all of this is a state of mind. The most important part of
any diet is having the will to stick with it. So, if you’re tired of constantly eating the same
unhealthy food from the same places, consider making a change and preparing your own food or hire a personal chef to prepare your weekly meals!

Hopefully, we’ve given you some food for thought with our fast and simple meals for people on
the move. And, hopefully, we’ve helped you improve the way you eat, and with it, the way you

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