Your Pillow Love Affair

Do you ever wonder why you toss and turn3198810449_b09258952b_o at night before you can finally fall asleep? Do you wake up not feeling rested? Does your neck and back hurt when you get out of bed? Do you have to find the perfect position before you can finally fall sleep? These ailments could mean numerous things, but lets start with a possible easy fix. Maybe the love affair between you and your pillow are over.. and even more heartbreaking, maybe that spark was never there in the first place!

When I knew I loved Memory Foam

This may seem like a funny topic but having an amazing pillow can mean a lot in this fast paced life. Sleep is so important to maintaining your health and lets face it, a big part of how you feel and function throughout the day lends itself to what kind of sleep you get. According to the APA 60% of normal everyday Americans report having some type of sleeping issue at least two times a week! That’s insane America! 

The other night I was sleeping at a friends house, and I found myself tossing and turning for about two hours before I could finally fall asleep. I also found myself trying to finagle with the uncomfortable pillows that had been provided. I tried folding them. I tried putting them in different positions. I switched back and forth from the t499720698_55e1b08163_owo pillows that were on the bed. I tried fluffing them. The whole nine yards, I tried to feel comfy like I do in my own bed. And to tell you the truth I just couldn’t. My neck hurt the whole night and in the morning. I woke up feeling lazy because I’d basically been up half the night fighting with these pillows! Then I thought back to a few years ago before I had gone out and bought myself my current pillow. I used to have these same problems in my own bed! Then it dawned on me, I owe my falling asleep once I hit the pillow (this is not considered domestic abuse) to my beloved memory foam pillow!

 Now I’m not saying, trying out a new pillow will magically fix all your sleeping issues, or anyone else’s for that matter. But it sure helped me, so maybe it will help some of you too!

I swear by Memory Foam!

This amazing pillow I speak of is actually a Serta memory foam pillow. I was skeptical at first about buying memory foam just because I’ve always had feather pillows. My families always had feather pillows, and although the thought of memory foam seemed appealing I wasn’t sure. But I took a chance and now, I would never go back to a regular pillow! 5131590745_6615bf5e9a_oI also have a memory foam mattress and absolutely love it.

I do have to admit it took some getting used to for the first couple of nights. It was pretty firm, which was not something I was used to. And my neck didn’t exactly know how to take it at first. With memory foam you can’t really manipulate it. You can’t fold it in half,  puff it up, or make one side have more volume than the other; it is what it is, and what it is, is amazing! Throughout the day you have so much going on, so much to do, and so much to think about; and now that you’re finally relaxing in bed you’re trying to fight with a pillow?! Not having to mess around with your pillow before bed opens up a new realm for relaxation and wonderful sleep! Go memory foam!

My boyfriend even fell in love with my memory foam pillow! So I ended up purchasing one for him as well and he absolutely loves it. He says he falls asleep in minutes after getting into bed, and never wakes up feeling achy or tired! Crazy!

Where and How to purchase

I purchased my memory foam pillow at Kohls around Christmas when they were having a sale. It ended up costing around $40. I purchased my boyfriends pillow at TJ Maxx for $40 as well.

  • I would recommend trying to get one from TJ Maxx if they have some in stock because they are usually pretty cheap around $30-$40.
  • But you can get them online or at any retail store that sells bedding essentials.
  • Look around before you buy, be sure to feel the pillow before you buy it, some memory foams can have different firmness.
  • Don’t buy a really cheap one, it is most likely not all that great and you’ll be disappointed.
  • I would say a price range between $30-$60 is pretty decent.
  • There are some that cost over $100 and although they are probably great, you don’t necessarily have to spend this much to get a great quality memory foam pillow.
  • Stick with trusted brands like Serta, Sealy, Tempurpedic, etc.
  • Do some research and read before you buy a specific one to see what others have experienced.

Now go out and treat yourself to the best relationship of your life.. who knew it would be with a pillow? As the saying goes; Whatever makes you sleep at night..



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