Food Tours Worth the Travel

If there are things that are both necessary and enjoyable, food is definitely near the top of the
list, if not at the top. We all have to eat, and many of us really like to enjoy our food, always
looking for that new recipe and that perfect taste. But try as we might, we simply cannot learn
to prepare every single dish. Unless we devote our whole lives to it, that is. Since that is
beyond the scope of mere mortals, the next best things are food tours. But what are the food tours
worth the travel? Well, we have compiled a nifty list, which will provide you with all the best
food tours currently available. So, without further ado, let us jump right into it!

Food tours worth the travel – The List

In no particular order, here are the best food tours worth the travel:

  • New Orleans – Clandestine
  • Tel Aviv – Eager Tourist
  • Mexico City – Tengo Hambre Food Tour
  • Vancouver – Vancouver Foodie Tours
  • Lisbon – Culinary Backstreets
  • Toronto – The Culinary Adventure
  • Puglia – Southern Visions Food Tour
  • Los Angeles – Urban Adventures
  • Saigon – XO Tour
  • Venice – Walks of Italy

Before we dive into these food tours, there is something else I would like to recommend. Since
not all of us are so fortunate as to afford all of these tours, there is a viable alternative. Even if
food tours worth the travel are simply amazing, a home chef, for example, can provide you with
a similar gourmet experience. I have had the honor of having one such person at my home for a
couple of weeks and let me tell you, that was one of the best experiences of my life. You see,
with a home chef, you get highly personalized food, right down to your specific taste. It is still
the original recipe, but it can be modified just slightly so you have both the taste of something
new and something familiar. But I digress, food tours worth the travel await!

New Orleans – Clandestine

This is one of the food tours worth the travel due to its catering to our urge to indulge. It starts as
a French breakfast, in the French Quarter, simple enough. It then proceeds to one of the two top
restaurants, Brennan’s and Galatoire’s. You also get there via black car transfer! Sometimes, it
includes newer places, such as Meril, as well. It concludes with a cooking class that lasts for
three hours, hosted by one of the most admired chefs from famous restaurants (Boucherie,
Coquette, etc).

Best to start the day off with a French breakfast!–>

Tel Aviv – Eager Tourist Food Tour

In this food tour, you get to explore the city’s craft beer scene, which is really booming recently!
You also get to attend a cooking workshop and to be a part of an insider tour of Tel Aviv’s outdoor food markets. Worth noting is that these days Americans cannot easily visit some of the places on this tour. These food tours are led by food stylists, recipe developers, and famous

Mexico City – Tengo Hambre Food Tour

This particular tour is quite unique, due to the fact that you really can’t get any of these foods at home. These include green chorizo with almonds and spinach, quesadillas huitlacoche and many more. This is one of the food tours worth the travel that emphasizes sidewalk dining.

Vancouver – Vancouver Foodie Tours

Vancouver is a city that is quite rich in immigrant cuisine, as well as seafood. You will definitely
have a lot of fun on this tour, which includes a downtown crawl where you stop at food trucks.

These trucks are laden with all manner of goodies, from authentic tandoori naans all the way to
Japanese hot dogs! And do you know what is the best part? You get to skip the line!

Lisbon – Culinary Backstreets

This tour, founded by long-term American expats, offers many different tours around the globe.
Of particular note, however, is a tour called “The Song of the Sea” in Lisbon. This tour will take you all the way from the city center to the port, providing you with an exquisite seafood experience. And if seafood is your thing, then most likely you are aware of its health benefits. If you wish to continue living healthy, and with absolutely no hassle, I would heartily recommend hiring a personal chef!

Toronto – The Culinary Adventure

As you might already know, most citizens of Toronto were not born in Canada and that is why there is a delightful ethnic mix in this tour. You will get to explore Chinatown and the market, which is actually designated as a National Historic Site! In Chinatown, you get to enjoy Asian comfort food and best dim sum Toronto can offer. At the market, you get offerings that are even more far-ranging, like Mexican tortas and Jamaican meat patties.

Puglia – Southern Visions Food Tour

This might be the most “authentic” food tour out of them all. Located in Italy, Puglia is home to some of the best food country has to offer! You will stroll through labyrinthine alleys of the old center of Bari, get a taste of famous light focaccia and orecchiette pasta, so-called “little ear”. This pasta is handmade by women, outside their homes, and includes broccoli rabe.

Enjoy the unique taste of authentic orecchiette!

Los Angeles – Urban Adventures

You might have already heard about Urban Adventures, as they have many trips that last for
several days. However, this particular food tour is focusing on providing you with maximum
enjoyment in minimum time. You will get a chance to meet and dine with the locals while
enjoying the food culture this diverse city has to offer!

Saigon – XO Tour

Perhaps the best food tour for people just wanting to have fun, while eating quality food. This
tour will have you zipping left and right through the city areas, both tourist ones and “local”
ones. Food is served from the stalls that are there for locals so you are sure you are being as
authentic as one can get! Oh, and you will be driving around on a motorbike, chauffeured by a

Venice – Walks of Italy

Last, but definitely not the least, this is one of the food tours that is slow and immersive. It starts
from the world-famous Rialto Fish Market, then slowly works its way through various bars until
you’ve had your fill. You just have to try ciccheti that are paired with Veneto wines. You will not
be disappointed!

One of the dishes that you just have to try is the ciccheti!

Changing People’s Lives

There are many people that, after experiencing tours like these, wish to actually move to the
country. After all, if you liked the food so much, why not get to enjoy it every day! However,
there are tasks that need to be completed prior to your moving day, and you would do well to
have them in mind, as well. It is easy to get emotional and say, “I want to move there now!” but moving is something that you need to take seriously.

These were some of the best food tours worth the travel that the world has to offer. There are
many more out there for you to explore but I feel this list will give you a good head start!

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