Meal Prepping 101

Written By. Emily Dwyer Do you find yourself heading to work hungry and groggy in the morning? Are you starving by the time dinner rolls around because you had an unfulfilling lunch? In this case, have you had to resort to swinging by Dunkin Donuts or McDonald’s to grab a quick bite to eat so […]

Food Ideas for Long Distance Travel

Often when taking on a time consuming or stressful project, eating nutritious and healthy food takes a back seat. This is particularly true when people travel, especially long distance. When you’re on the road, accessibility takes precedence over pretty much anything else. We are also more likely to indulge our cravings on such trips and […]

The Psychological Benefits of Cooking for Others

Why do people still cook? After all, once you consider the time we are living in, there seems to be no need. You can easily order all of your food or get some frozen stuff to microwave. And if you consider the fast pace of our lifestyles, you might wonder, why bother? Why should anyone […]

Best Snack Ever -> Stove-Top Kale Chips

Kale is a serious superfood that goes unappreciated and undercooked in most households. Kale contains alpha-lipoic-acid, an antioxidant shown to help regain insulin sensitivity, prevent oxidative stress, and help lower glucose levels. In saying this, kale is seriously it’s own food group when trying to reverse type 2 diabetes. Kale also contains high levels of […]

Hire a Personal Chef for Your Next Party

Elevate the food at your party by hiring a personal chef! So, your Saturday party is coming up, and you are thinking about hiring a professional chef? If this is the case, you are on the right track. Sure, you can cook yourself, but do you really need that hassle and stress? As someone who […]

School Breakfast Revisited

Written by Emily Dwyer – See bio below Are Kids Really Eating Breakfast? It’s been found that 77% of elementary-aged children are eating breakfast, yet as children age, that percentage decreases to 50% by middle school, and 36% by high school. (Breakfast in America) We’ve all heard at one point or another that breakfast is […]